Check out this great resources to support and further your conversations about the common good!

  • Nonprofits Talking Taxes Webinar Recording
    Listen to this 50 minute webinar led by lead trainer Kim Klein, that will help you brainstorm how you want to present the information and engage your audience. **Note: This link may require QuickTime to work on your computer. To download this program for free, go here.
  • Nonprofits Talking Taxes Fact Sheet 
    Here’s a one-pager
    of some of the facts you learned in the Talking About Taxes presentation that can help you start a conversation with someone. Keep it in your wallet and pull it out whenever you need it!

  • Nonprofits Talking Taxes featured on Nonprofit Spark radio show
    Project team members Kim Klein and Anne Ryan join radio host Renee McGivern to discuss why some of the key ideas of the project, how it got started, and why it’s so important. Listen.  
  • National Priorities Project
    National Priorities Project is a national non-profit, non-partisan research organization dedicated to making complex federal budget information transparent and accessible so people can prioritize and influence how their tax dollars are spent.  A great resource for any conversation about nonprofit advocacy for the common good! Learn more.
  • National Council of Nonprofits
    The National Council of Nonprofits is a great resource on policy issues and current events that are impacting nonprofits (and their efforts to further the common good). Check out their national website, or use their State Nonprofits Association finder to locate their affiliate in your state.
  • Worry Free Lobbying!
    Further your mission in important ways through the political process without risking your 501c3 status! The Bolder Advocacy initiative, from Alliance for Justice, provides resources for nonprofit groups, and the foundations that support them to take advantage of the clear and generous provisions in federal law that encourage lobbying activity. 
  •  Make the Common Good a Common Conversation!
    Kim Klein and the Commons Blog: Weekly thoughts from Kim! The commons is a new way to express a very old idea—that some forms of wealth belong to all of us, and that these community resources must be actively protected and managed for the good and all.
  • Public Works
    Public Works is dedicated to building public will for the common good. They share stories of where the common good flourishes, where it needs help, and powerful tools to have and shape conversations that further the common good. Read more.
  • Nonprofit Taxes Quiz from Blue Avocado
    Everyone talks about the weather, but how many of us actually know what a lenticular cloud is or what the dew point means? In the nonprofit sector we throw around tax opinions, but here’s a chance to learn something (uh oh).