Love It? Fund It!

As people who work in communities and nonprofit organizations, we work every day for things we care deeply about.  We also worry about how we can make things better when government budgets at every level are being squeezed.

There are many things that we each care about that taxes and government funding makes possible -  so, what do you love?

  • Could it be health program or food stamps for your clients?
  • Could it be a school or community center where young people can learn, feel safe and have fun?
  • Perhaps a street light or public park?

As we get proclaim affection and devotion at Valentines Day, let’s shout out some love to things that we’d never get to enjoy, be moved by or make it through our day with, if taxes were not there to support it.



 Tell us what YOU love that taxes pay for-


  • Post it on our Facebook page: either type it in or take a picture of yourself with that object of affection. You can even hold a sign that says, “LOVE IT, FUND IT”
    Print out a sign here!
  • Post it on Twitter (with a link to a picture if you want) with the hashtag #loveitfundit
  • Comment about it below this post in the “Add a comment” box!
  • Use this opportunity to start a conversation with friends and co-workers about whats important to them, so we can make 2012 a year of more revenue for our communities


We’ll compile your posts and pics in a gallery on throughout the month of February. Be sure to check back to see all of great things that are publicly funded! And don’t forget to talk to your friends, colleagues and political leaders about how if you love it, let’s fund it!

Want to learn more about how the California Budget Crisis is affecting your work? Request a free training for your nonprofit staff, community group or faith group, OR attend a free public workshop near you! 


4 Responses to “Love It? Fund It!”

  1. Steve Lew February 6, 2012 2:16 pm #

    I LOVE many things that taxes pays for- Helping returning vets to learn green job skills is something the President proposed in the sate of the union- I support that and want to make sure that federal, state and local taxes can support programs that help everyone who is struggling in this economy.

  2. anneryan February 9, 2012 10:41 am #

    I love riding SF Muni everyday! Even if sometimes I have to sprint to catch the bus!

  3. Karuna Jaggar February 10, 2012 9:21 pm #

    I love regulation that keeps my family safe. Even though many people wish the FDA and EPA would do more to protect the public, imagine how much worse it would be if each of us were on our own to keep ourselves and our families safe. Fund it.


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