Kim’s New Year’s Resolution: Talking About Taxes

Happy New Year from Kim Klein!

I always make New Year’s resolutions, and this year I am making this one:

I resolve to talk about taxes in any and all situations where I find myself able to have a respectful conversation.

I will ask others how they think roads and sewers and fire protection and libraries should be paid for. I will discuss whether I would be happier with less police presence or be willing to pay more to use the library. I will resolve not to be intimidated by those who think tax policy is too complicated for ordinary people to understand or by those who cannot see anything good in government.

I dont need to agree with everyone I talk to. I don’t need to know every fact or be able to address all the arguments for or against any particular tax. And I certainly don’t mean that I won’t change my mind, maybe more than once, during any conversation! I will refer to to keep current and remind myself of ways to start conversations.

In 2012, Californians will be asked again to live with the results of tax policy decisions made in past years. Before and during the election in November, we will be asked to make more decisions about what should be funded by taxes and what should not. If these decisions are to have a positive impact on the quality of life in our communities, we need to understand them and to talk with each other.

Please join me in this resolution.  We really can make a difference! If you’d like a refresher on some of the facts and ideas to make this resolution easy, check out our Nonprofits Talking Taxes Fact Sheet (pdf).

Wishing you a very happy new year,

Kim Klein

 And in case you missed it: Short, humorous video!
Watch one story of how a nonprofit professional copes with the California Budget Crisis.
It will make you laugh and it will make you think—Please share it with your co-workers and friends!

What is Nonprofits Talking Taxes?

Public Funding from taxes currently makes up 1/3 of the income that nonprofits need to do their work.
Raising funds is getting tougher for all nonprofits. A healthy state budget is critical for you and for us all, whether or not your organization is publicly funded.

Learn how. Learn what you can do. It is easier than you think!
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Nonprofits Talking Taxes is an fast-paced, interactive workshop offered at NO COST to nonprofits and faith groups seeking ways to talk about the state and local budget crisis and key income solutions. This 90-minute workshop will help your organization to thoughtfully consider and participate in policy solutions by helping staff form their own opinions about the role of public funding and taxes.

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